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Monty монохром - сердце бьется d.new rec

Опубликовано : 12.03.2015, 18:22 | Категория: Подтягивания   

(перевод текста песни №1)

...so she's in love with him, he loved her, at night he wrote poems and gave her, in his poems of the walking ships in the clouds cats in boots dreams in the chest, she loved it, very smiling, happy he painted the sky, drawing the sea, drawing thousands of stories, it's a love story, it often asked and she without words pressed her to once again in the arms of doze off, and they didn't care about the other person, but so long could not last, and every bird has to sit down, early in the morning on the street fainted and woke up in the evening in the hospital, the doctors said refuses to heart, here is a gift send pigeons in the envelope! He was angry people more than it is more expensive, diagnosis month two less than even she may not know all seriously donor needed, without the donor has not live it, the guy think well, and he thought, threw everything disappeared, gone in her eyes threw back his hood, he walked week, one second then coma, the room was full of sympathy with her friends, but not any real help, it is difficult from the shore to look at're groaning, and then the gift, here is the transplantation of heart! Who was it? Who helped so Much? it was versions, but the main thing life isn't it? At least and the important who you gave her. A year later, she with other twitters and anonymous letter had come on this evening, sweetheart I'm not gone, I'll be with you forever, to you my heart point. And at the hands of the mother shakes her daughter, cries recalls handwriting home very, sitting by the window of his poems read, cries cries of his remembers...
Добавить/исправить перевод Исполнитель переведенной песни: Monty
Название переведенной песни: Сердце бьется (D.New Rec)
Перевод добавил: Пользователь Treblaf

Источник: http://tekst-pesni-tut.ru/song/show/982220/monty/t...

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